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    Singapore Math Books:
    Math education in Singapore ranks #1 in the world!
    US math ranks only #15. Hundreds of private schools in US are using math books from Singapore and are achieving excellent results. We offer multiple selections of Singapore Math workbooks below.

    USA Corriculum-Based Math Books:
    **If you prefer US curriculum based math practice, please click Core Skills: Math
    Grade 1-8 .

    Primary Math U.S. Edition (Workbooks + Textbooks)
    Grade K to 6 (Used by Singapore School System)
    Improve overall math skills; build a very solid math foundation.

    Maths Speed and Accuracy
    Grade 1 to 6
    Improve speed and accuracy through the various strategies

    Challenging Math Word Problems
    Grade 1 to 6 (Supplement math books in Singapore)

    i-Excel Process Skills
    Grade 1 to 6 (Supplement math books in Singapore)
    Build strong word problem solving skills; systematic coverage of all topics; each topic contains well-explained examples, followed by relevant exercises and challenging problems.

    Math Intensive Practice
    Brain Math
    Grade 1 to 6 (Supplement math books in Singapore)
    Interesting math & logical problems; sharpen critical thinking skills; increase IQ power; develop mental flexibility.

    Mid-High Math: New Syllabus Math
    (From ShingLee, Singapore)
    Grade 7 to 10
    Excellent examples and exercises designed to aid students in progressing within and beyond each level. "Thinking Time" and " Problem Solving Tips" sections encourage students to think creatively and go even deeper into the topics. 'Exploration' sections promote interest in math.

    Mid-High Math: New Elementary Math
    (From SNP PAN Pacific, Singapore)
    Grade 7 to 12
    Numerous well-designed exercises for practice & reinforcement; there are 'Challenger' & 'Problem Solving' sections for more adventurous students. "MathStory" for enrichment.

    US Math Corriculum Based

    Core Skills: Math
    Grade 1-8
    (From Harcourt School Supply, USA)
    Based on US Math Corriculum, not Singapore math.
    Build strong Math Skills Through Meaningful Practice and Problem Solving