Contents for Secondary Mathematics Series 1 - 4 (Equivalent to 7-10th grade)
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New Elementary Mathematics 1 (Equivalent to 7th grade)    

1. Whole Numbers  
bulletSystem of Numeration
bulletThe Four Operations
bulletFactors and Multiples
bulletPrime Numbers and Prime Factorisation
bulletHighest Common Factor
bulletLeast Common Factor
bulletNumber Patterns
bulletBasic Number Laws
2. Fractions, Decimals and Approximation
bulletAddition and Subtraction of Fractions
bulletMultiplication and Division of Fractions
bulletConversion Between Fractions and Decimals
3. Arithmetic Problems
bulletUnits of Measure
bulletSimple Word Problems
bulletMulti-Step Word Problems
bulletEstimation in Daily Life Situations
4. Real Numbers
bulletNegative Numbers
bulletAddition and Subtraction of Integers
bulletMultiplication of Integers
bulletDivision of Integers
bulletReal Numbers
bulletOrder of Calculation
bulletMental Calculation
5. Simple Algebraic Expressions
bulletAlgebraic Expressions
bulletEvaluation of Algebraic Expressions
bulletAlgebraic Terms
bulletUse of Brackets
bulletCollecting Like Terms
6. Open Sentences And Equations
bulletOpen Sentences
bulletEquations with Fractional and Decimals Coefficients
bulletEvaluation of Formulae
bulletAlgebraic Problems
7. Rate, Ratio And Percentage
bulletRate and Speed
bulletDirect and Inverse Proportions
bulletApplications of Percentages
8. Solving Problems Involving Financial Transactions
bulletEarnings, Profit and Loss, Commissions and Discounts
bulletInterest and Hire Purchase
bulletTaxation and Money Exchange
9. Introducing Geometry
bulletLine Segment, Line and Angles
bulletAngle Properties Related to Straight Lines
bulletPerpendicular and Parallel Lines
bulletAngle Properties Related to Parallel Lines
10. Polygons
bulletAngle Properties of a Triangle
bulletIsosceles and Equilateral Triangles
bulletAngle Properties of a Polygon
bulletProperties of Quadrilaterals
11. Symmetries And Nets Of Solid Figures
bulletLine Symmetry
bulletRotational Symmetry
bulletSymmetries of Solid Figures
bulletNets of Solid Figures
12. Area And Perimeter
bulletPerimeter and area of Polygon
bulletCircumference and Area of Circle
bulletMore Problems on Area and Perimeter
13. Volume and Surface Area of Prism and Cylinder
bulletMore Problems on Volume and Surface Area
14. Similarity And Congruence
bulletSimilar and Congruent Figures
bulletDesigns and Tessellations
bulletScale Drawing

New Elementary Mathematics 2 (Equivalent to 8th grade)

1. Indices
bulletPositive Integral Indices
bulletZero and Negative Integral Indices
bulletIndices Involving Variables
bulletStandard Form
2. Algebraic Manipulations
bulletSpecial Algebraic Rules for Calculations
bulletExpanding Products
bulletAddition and Subtraction of Algebraic Fractions
bulletMultiplication and Division of Algebraic Fractions
bulletFractional Equations
bulletProblems Involving Fractional Equations
3. Literal And Quadratic Equations
bulletLiteral Equations
bulletTransformation of Formulae
bulletQuadratic Equations
bulletQuadratic Factorisation
bulletSolving Quadratic Equations by Factorisation
bulletSolving Quadratic Equations by Factorisation
bulletWord Problems Leading to Quadratic Equations
4. Word Problems
bulletProblems on Rate, Ratio and Percentage
bulletProblems Involving Financial Transactions
5. Graphs I
bulletThe Coordinate Plane
bulletGraphs of Linear Equations in Two Variables
bulletSimple Applications of Straight Line Graphs
bulletTravel Guide
bulletSolving Simultaneous Linear Equations by Graphs
bulletQuadratic Graphs
6. Simultaneous Linear Equations
bulletSimple Elimination Method
bulletElimination Method
bulletSubstitution Method
bulletWord Problems Using Simultaneous Equations
7. Inequalities
bulletSets of Numbers on the Number Line
bulletProperties of Order
bulletSolving Inequalities
8. Congruent and Similar Triangles
bulletCongruent Triangles
bulletSimilar Triangles
9. Mensuration
bulletCones and Pyramids
bulletAreas of Similar Figures
bulletVolumes of Similar Solids
10. Pythagoras' Theorem and Trigonometry
bulletPythagoras' Theorem
bulletIndirect Measure
bulletTrigonometrical Ratios
bulletTrigonometrical Ratios by Using a Calculator
bulletSolution of Right-angled Triangles
bulletApplications of Trigonometrical Ratios to Simple Problems
11. Motion Geometry
bulletCombination of Transformations
12. Statistics I
bulletCollection and Presentation of Data
bulletReading and Drawing of Bar Graphs
bulletReading and Drawing of Pie Charts
bulletReading and Drawing of Line Graphs and Pictograms
13. Statistics II
bulletFrequency Distribution
bulletMean, Mode and Median of Frequency Distributions
bulletTypes of Averages
14. More Algebraic Manipulations
bulletAddition and Subtraction of Polynomials
bulletMultiplication of Polynomials
bulletDivision of Polynomials (Optional)
bulletAlgebraic Fractions and Fractional Equations
bulletAlgebraic Manipulation
bulletManipulation of Expressions

New Elem Mathematics (Equiv. to 9th Grade) 3A (Chp 1-7) and 3B (Chp 8-14)

1. Computation and Manipulation
bulletEvaluation of Algebraic Expressions
bulletAlgebraic Fractions
2. Equations
bulletEquations and Formulae
bulletQuadratic Equations
bulletSolving Equations by Formula
bulletProblems Leading to Quadratic Equation
3. Inequalities
bulletSolving Inequalities
bulletProblems Involving Inequalities
4. Coordinate Geometry
bulletLength and Midpoint of a Line Segment
bulletGradient of a Straight Line
bulletEquation of a Straight Line
5. Functions and Variations
bulletGraphs of a Function
bulletInverse Functions
bulletDirect and Inverse Variation
6. Graphs
bulletGradient of a Graph
bulletSolving Simultaneous Equations by Graphs
bulletMore Problems on Graphs
7. Trigonometry and Bearings
bulletTrigonometrical ratios of an Obtuse Angle
bulletCosine Rule
bulletSine Rule
bulletTrigonometrical Problems Involving Bearings
bulletTrigonometrical Problems in Three Dimension
8. Symmetry Properties of a Circle
bulletUseful Geometrical Properties
bulletSymmetry Properties of a Circle
9. Angle Properties of a Circle
bulletAngle Properties of a Circle
bulletMore Angle Properties of a Circle
10. Sets
bulletThe Idea of a Set
bulletIntersection and Union of Sets
11. More About Sets
bulletThe Universal Set
bulletUsing Venn Diagrams to Solve Problems
12. Rate of Change and Area
bulletRate of Change
bulletAreas under Graphs
bulletCombination of Transformation
14. Statistics
bulletPresenting Grouped Data
bulletCalculation of the Mean
bulletHistogram for Grouped Data
bulletCumulative Frequency
bulletPercentiles, Quartiles and the Interquartile Range
bulletMore Problems on Cumulative Frequency

New Elem Mathematics(Equiv. to 10th grade) 4A(Chp 1-4) and 4B (Chp 5)

1. Loci
bulletLocus as a Set of Points
bulletGeometrical Properties Related to Loci
2. Equations
bulletVectors as Directed Line Segments
bulletPosition Vectors and Column Vectors
bulletMore Vector Problems
3. Transformations
bulletReflection, Rotation and Translation
bulletEnlargement, Shear and Stretch
bulletCombination of Transformations
4. Probability
bulletMeaning of Probability
bulletMore About Probability
bulletCombined Events
5. Revision (4B is an overall review of New Elementary Math from 1A through 4A)
bulletTrigonometry and bearings
bulletStatistics and Probability
bulletAssessment Paper Set A
bulletAssessment Paper Set B
bulletAssessment Paper Set C