• ITBS (IOWA)Test Prep k-8
  • Core Skills for All major national Tests 1-8
  • TerraNova Test Prep 1-8
  • Stanford Test Prep 1-8
  • SAT Test Prep Books

  • State Standard Test prep:
  • NJ ASK Workbook 3-8
  • New York StateTest 1-8
  • Massachusetts MCAS 3-8
  • Texas TAKS
  • Florida FCAT

  • Math Word Problems
  • Talent Math
  • Speed Math
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Grammar & Lang. Arts
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Essay Writing

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    Dear parents and teachers,

    We offer the following high quality supplemental workbooks for students and teachers in grade K-12. Our unique selection of workbooks is not only worth the cost, but also worth your children's time and effort. The positive influence and impact on your children's academic development is unlimited and long-lasting.....
    (1) Test Prep workbooks for major national & state standardized tests. These books provide valuable, authentic practices in all areas of the test. They cover reading, language arts, mathematics and test-taking skills.
    - ITBS (IOWA Tests of Basic Skills) (K-8)
    - TerraNova CTBS (1-8)
    - Stanford Achievement Test ver 10 (1-8)
    - State test: NJ ASK , NY, MCAS, TAKS, FCAT (1-8)
    - SAT Critical Reading, Writing and Math

    (2) English workbooks are all published by prestigious education companies in US:
    - Reading Comprehension (1-12)
    - Writing and Language Arts (1-8)
    - Vocabulary building (2-12)
    (3) Math and science enrichment workbook series are introduced from Singapore. Singapore math education ranks #1 in the world. Hundreds of private schools in US have started using math books from Singapore, achieving excellent results.
    - Primary Math book used in Singapore school system 1-6
    - Challenging Math Word Problems (1-6)
    - Intensive Math Practice (1-6)
    - I-Excel Critical Thinking Process (1-6)
    - Math Express - Speed Math (1-5)
    - Math textbooks and workbooks for grades (6-12)
    - Biology, Physics and Chemistry textbooks (9-12)
    We look forward to providing you with more essential information and resources to help your children succeed.
    -- An education company serving students and teachers in grades Pre-K through 12.

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